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Salad with Thai Dressing

Have been experimenting with different salad dressings recently. Here is one I made today which was extremely tasty. The flavors linger on far after you have devoured the salad :)

Salad with Thai Dressing


  1. Cut baby tomatoes, onion, cucumber into thin slices. Shred iceburg lettuce leaves  and mix them all well. Add bean sprouts - all proportions according to your tastes and likes.
  2. Now make a dressing in another bowl. For this take a mortar and pestle and grind 4 garlic pods and 2 chillies. Add this to the bowl. Add 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tsp fish sauce, 2 tsp honey, juice of 1 lemon and salt. 
  3. Mix them well and pour them on the salad. Serve with coarsely ground peanuts
  4. I added some  some pepper and ground chilli flakes for additional taste.

Smoky Flavored Carrot Salad

This is a simple Salad I had first tasted in a my native village. I like it so much that I eat it like a side dish. It has a special smoky flavor which I absolutely adore.

  1. Grate 2 carrots
  2. Add 4-5 tsp of freshly grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves
  3. Add a pinch of sugar, salt to taste and around juice of half a lemon and mix well.
  4. You can add red chilli powder or slit green chillies if you like. 
  5. You can also burn one coal piece on stove till its red hot, place it in a bowl of salad, add 2-3 drops of coconut oil on top of it and cover with a lid for the salad to absorb the smoky flavour.

Traditionally we also give a chaukh (seasoning with mustard seeds, hing and curry leaves) but I like it just like this. 

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