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Sangria like Mocktail

These days have been experimenting a lot with mixing different juices and making mocktails when I have friends over esp friends with children below 18 :)

I had tried Sangria recently and fell in love with the drink. I liked the concept of adding fresh fruits to your drink.Wanted to replicate a non alcoholic version of this drink , so tried to experiment with different flavors at home.
This is the outcome - loved it.
Sangria like Mocktail

1. Take a huge pitcher. Add 500 ml apple juice, 250 ml orange juice, juice of 2 lemons, 2 apples finely chopped, 2 oranges deseeded and finely chopped along with the rind, 1 lemon finely chopped along with the rind.
2. I added 1 cup of tea decoction (boil tea leaves in water and then strain the leaves, cool it and add) for additional flavor and some color.
3. You can add sugar or water to balance the taste. Refrigerate the drink for atleast 2 hours before serving.
4. You can serve this drink with ice and also add soda for extra fizz.

Feel free to add other juices like cranberry juice to the drink. 
Do share your versions of mocktails and do let me know if you have a different version of virgin Sangria :)

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